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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh Patience, You're Not A Friend of Mine

I find myself in this rift between patience and impatience.  I can be so tolerant and understanding of people at times, but then I can want something so bad I don't care to wait at all.  
I think this is because I am a very hands on (nicer term for controlling) person.  I like to make things happen.  I would rather build something, than watch it blossom.
I truly believe that if I don't get my hands dirty, the whole world will fail me.  I have an issue relying and believing in others.  Worst of all, I don't take no for an answer.  I believe if I pester enough, or do it myself, that "no" will turn to a "yes".  It all boils down to what I want, and that is obviously where the impatience steps in.  How can I stop and smell the roses, when I'm too busy planting them?
I will work on having patience, even if it aggravates me because I feel as though I am running at a much faster pace than everyone around me. Stop and smell the goddamn roses!   

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