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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prance In Your Beautiful Shoes

I have learned a great variety of survival skills living in the Pacific Northwest. One of which is that there are ways to look good and still avoid being a victim to the weather. You really don't have to wear fleece or socks and sandals to keep warm and dry.
Lets forget about the dreary weather for now. The most important skill I have learned in my journeys in the beautiful PNW is that when the sun shines, put your new shoes on.
I am one of those firm believers in the necessity of beautiful shoes for a better life. I see it like this, your feet take you through life, one step at a time. You can either tromp through life, or you can prance. Happy feet prance.
I guess when I say "new shoes," or "beautiful shoes," it is subjective. One could find a lovely pair of brown Birkenstocks beautiful. You may be one of those people. If tromping around in obtrusive sandals makes you happy, then so be it. But I will advise you, it is probably best if you stop reading.
We prancers advocate for a better world filled with red flats, pumps of rainbow colors, and strappy golden sandals. What better way than to accent a fabulous black dress with pewter ballerina flats?
As a true blooded woman I know that you, yes you, probably have a stash of glorious shoes somewhere in the back of your closet, waiting for that moment when the sun peaks from the billowing clouds and says, "prancers come forth in your beautiful shoes."

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