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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Joyous Thoughts

How wonderful Holly Golightly must have felt that morning, eating her croissant and looking in to Tiffany's luminescent window.  There is nothing like an early summers walk through New York's Upper East Side at dawn.  The streets are empty, the angle of the sun kisses your cheeks and the ever so calm, luke warm breeze tingles your skin.  Oh, the simple things in life.  
Something has inspired me to write.  I have decided that I will write a blog every day about one thing that brings me joy, the title will be "The Perfect..." depending on what joyful subject I will be writing about that day.  
The true inspiration behind this?  A poetry class project.  We were asked to write a poem titled "Joy."  What we wrote was up to us, but obviously it was something that made us feel happy.
Joy is subjective.  What puts a smile on one person's face, may not make another person too happy.  For me, joy is butterflies in my stomach, the twittering of birds on a sunny morning and a blue sky with not a cloud in sight.  That is what I feel, hear and see when I am full of joy.  As for what causes this joy, look forward to figuring that out in the days to come.  Oh the frivolous elements of life that are oh so invigorating!

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