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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Perfect Snack

I love food.  I pretty much eat like a champion, sometimes disregarding whether what I am eating is going to make me happy in the long run.  I guess that mostly applies to my random runs to Little Caesar's Pizza.  Let's forget about that for now.  The perfect snack?  FRUIT. 
On campus we have a little deli called Coco Bobs.  Mr. Bob cuts up fruit and puts them in little plastic containers.  Of course Mr. B takes me to the bank with those fruit cups, but they are worth it.  He will make special only strawberry cups for me on sunny days (or whenever I want them). Oh man I love that place.  

There is something about a juicy red strawberry, in my mouth.  The sweet yet gritty feeling on my teeth takes me into a dream.  Pineapple is good, but I hate how they make your tongue have that scratchy, tingly feeling.  Same with kiwi, you regret it if you eat too much.  Green grapes are so perfect in a fruit cup, but purple grapes can be overly sweet at times.  Juicy oranges are the perfect morning fruit.  Then there are the fruits that I am pleasantly surprised by, such as mango, and nectarines.  The combination of banana's and strawberries is just perfect, but Coco B never really puts banana's in my fruit probably because they turn brown, good thinking B!

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