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Monday, July 27, 2009

Bundels of Joy

Last Saturday I ventured into Pike Place Market after a Sounders game. There I noticed the gorgeous flowers, all of which were freshly picked. In that moment, standing in the busy market staring that those flowers I realized, florists are overrated.  Yes I would rather run up to that busy market and grab my own bundle of flowers than pay someone to do one of the most fun aspects of a wedding, arranging the flowers.  
The flowers available at the market (I am logically guessing) would be those that are in season. Lucky for me, I want peonies, which I believe are a spring flower.  I also love gardenias and hydrangeas, which are also spring time bloomers.
Another point that makes this thought more realistic, I detest the notion of mixing flowers in a bouquet.  If I want pink peonies, I will have nothing but a bunch of pink peonies.  As for those god awful jumbled flower arrangements that mesh together to make a bad taste in my mouth, well I'll leave them for the florists.  
Here are a few images I came out of the market with... do enjoy!

A beautiful palette of Dahlias

Pretty pink Dahlias.  Thanks Alexis!

Oriental Lilies

My grandmother has these in her garden


  1. The second picture is of dahlias as well. Haha I am so obsessed with dahlias right now!

  2. I thought they were dahlias, but they just seemed way too different from the first picture