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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inspired By A Friend

I was inspired by a friend (who herself was inspired by a friend) to write about all the fun things that have happened this year.

In January, I returned from a trip to France, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

In Paris we shopped, ate great food and walked around the windy city.

We shopped in Jedda too!

Basically break was filled with skiing, visiting family, shopping, snorkeling in the Red Sea and eating lots of good food.  The Red Sea was especially gorgeous at sunset.

In February, Julian and I celebrated our two year anniversary.  Yes we have come a long way from our soccer field romance.  The circumstances of how we met were quite funny indeed.  We could say that we met doing what we loved.  I was interviewing some guys on a soccer field for a news article, Julian (one of the guys) was getting ready to play a game.  Now we just cheer for the Sounders and call it a day.

In March, I planned my favorite lady's 21st birthday blast...

And went to New York for spring break.  Of course we shopped, ate great pizza, and enjoyed the perfectly cold March New York weather.

In April, I celebrated the arrival of spring and therefore experienced a oneness with nature.

In May, Julian and I got engaged!

In June, I graduated and got accepted to graduate school.

This was quite a tedious post.  So enjoy!

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