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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Perfect Shade of Pink

The inspiration for this particular post... the color pink.

I love the color pink.  It is girly, happy and enchanting.  It is seen in nature, flirtatiously calling your attention, beaming in a rose bush or smiling from atop a cherry tree at the height of spring.  Pink is life.    
Depending on the occasion, pink can be that surprising lifter of spirits. If you see a girl walk by on a dreary day, in a pair of pink flats, or wearing a pink scarf, there is some part of you that smiles.  You know it's true.  What about that hot and obviously straight guy that passes you in a salmon (that is what he refers to it as) oxford.  Do not deny it, there is something very appealing about it, seeing that it says a lot about the guys confidence.

But pink can also be a grotesque color when used by the wrong hands. 

There are three things that are important to remember about this color. First off, the shade truly matters.  There are some tones of pink that are gaggatious.  Second, be careful when pairing other colors with pink. The all too cliche black and pink look is one of the worst combinations on good old Mother Earth.  I want to cut my eyes out with a spoon when I see thirteen year old girls butchering the color pink with their Avril Lavigne impressions.  Stripped socks, metal studs and a set of braces. Barf.  Lastly, do NOT overdue it.  You are a weirdo if all you wear is pink.

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