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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pretty White Dress

Wedding dresses, for the most part, are a curse to humanity.  All that gaudy, shiny, tacky material shaped into a puff from hell.  You most likely end up looking like a marshmallow.  And if by chance, you are slightly overweight, well, I'm sorry.  It simply goes without saying, most wedding gowns deserve to burn in a smoldering fire pit.  Who came up with all this craziness?

I like simplicity.  Most of the time, I am attracted to black dresses.  Why?  Because they are simple, and chic.  That doesn't mean that these qualities cannot appear in a dress of another color.  But white dresses, oh dear me.  I know it is possible.  Yet, I will not go down the isle looking like I just molested a set of silk sheets and then ran through the accessories isles with Elmer's glue in hand, at Macy's or some other tacky department store.

I was always attracted to fitted mermaid styles, rather than puffy princess dresses.  I feel they are more elegant and mature.  This dress in particular captures my attention.  

The back is especially beautiful, but I cannot seem to get a large enough photo to post.  It has cloth buttons along the middle of the back all the way down to the train.  I love that detail, especially on such a simple dress.  It is made of Piera Twill, which is basically a fabric that produces the effect of parallel diagonal ribs.  This is good because it adds some dimension to such a simple elegant pattern.  I will be going to New York soon to try it on.  Hopefully it is as beautiful on as it is in this photo.

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