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Monday, August 17, 2009

All Things Decor

My most recent obsession... planning the decor of a (as of yet non-existent) new home.  
I have it all thought out in my mind.  And since it does somewhat revolve around the potential thought of moving into the little house that is being built in my mothers back yard, I am able to grasp this vision.  The "bungalow" as we all love to call it, is more than half way completed and looking cuter per second, with it's tall roof, and back corner kitchen.  Still, much work is at hand for it's inner parts, countertops, electricity, appliances etc.

For now, I can dream a little.  No matter where I end up, these ideas will stay pretty solid.

Kitchen - I have known for a while that I want my main theme to be Martha Stewart blue.  I already have the Kitchen-Aid in that color, and soon I will have some more accessories to match.  Of course I need an accent color.  After much thought I narrowed it down to red, orange or yellow.  Red would be fun and easy to obtain considering most house-ware items come in this color.  But I feel it to stand too harsh against that soft blue.  Next.  Orange, such a lovely color in the right shade.  A wonderful match to light blue, but so hard to find orange items.  It might end up being harder than it needs be.  Now for yellow, my thoughts are that since yellow tends to cheer me up without me even acknowledging, it is the winner.  My mother already gave me a set of yellow and white striped dish towels to start the collection. 

Living Room - The house is quite small so the downstairs area is mostly a living room, with the corner closest to the kitchen for a dining room table.  It is a good thing I decided on yellow and blue for the kitchen since I know I would like yellow and grey for the living room.  In some ways that matches.  Grey being an offshoot of blue, and bringing sunnier hues of yellow will make the two rooms bounce off of each other.  It must be the perfect shade of heather grey though, otherwise it will be too heavy.  I picture a heather grey couch with yellow throw pillows and perhaps a vase of yellow lilies or roses on a side table.

Bathroom - Oddly enough, I want a yellow bathroom.  Again, for the cheer factor.  I always thought a bright colored bathroom would be fun.  I don't intend on overdoing it, simply yellow towels and then some hints of yellow around the bathroom.  

Bedroom - I want the bedroom to be peaceful and pristine.  Light beige and powder pink.  I imaging it to have light beige fluffy sheets and silk powder pink throw pillows.  I like the mixing of shades of a color.  So the headboard could be a creamy-beige and the sheets a darker beige.  The throw pillows could range from the lightest creamy pink to a darker powder pink. Another option would be heather and pink, to somewhat mirror the grey from the living room. Repetition is a desired element in art.  The repetition of shape or color is what keeps the eye looking.  As for the furniture, it could be a hotel-ish dark wood in classic designs.

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