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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Camping Trip

Last weekend Julian and I went on a camping trip.  It was quite the adventure.  After driving more than 3 hours to the coast, just past the little town of La Push was Mora, one of the many campgrounds of the Olympic National Park.  
Passing Crescent Lake, and the elegant Port Angeles I recognized the beauty of Western Washington.  There isn't much out in that part of the state, but the nature is beautiful.  The lake, winding, crystal clear was surrounded by Evergreens and hills.  
One of the highlights of our trip was getting to see the "Wild Coast" as it is named.  I had previously seen the Pacific Ocean from Westport, but it seemed much more rugged at Rialto Beach (where we were).  The buttes shooting out of the ocean in the distance resembled something from the Lord of the Rings.  The waves crashed loudly against the rocks, but in an isolated corner still water peacefully housed large salmon that jumped every so often amazing Julian and I.  
It was good to get away from the more hectic life of Tacoma to spend a peaceful weekend in the forest.

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