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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sleepless In Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, it is common to find people sleeping all day year round, so I do not see why it is such a surprise to most that the regular Saudi aristocrat sleeps through the daylight hours of Ramadan.  The country is filled with night owls, which most likely should be blamed on the heat of the day, making it much more pleasant to hob nob around when the sun goes down.

The more religious folks of the Arab world claim that the Saudis are lazy people who are not fulfilling Ramadan's basic point, suffering to understand what the less fortunate are going through.  Who are they to say that somehow we are not suffering from hunger in our sleep?

My view on the matter is more lenient of course.  If it helps to sleep through the fasting hours, then so be it, but I would like to get some vitamin D at some point in my trip, which I might have to do before going to sleep.  Maybe a 7 a.m. swim in the pool before heading off to bed.  

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