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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Thought From New York

For the past five days I have been venturing through the streets of Manhattan, passing big department stores, petite modern boutiques and vintage shops filled with the garments of women in eras past.  I have found lovely pieces as well as hideous cheaply made rags.  Dresses, skirts, sweaters, blouses, the list goes on.  Women's clothing differ from men's in that styles change so frequently, but there are so many pieces that it makes it difficult to keep up with.  I thought about this long and hard and realized that if one maintains a wardrobe of classic pieces, it is much easier to adopt items that scream the style of the moment without completely having to revamp every item in your closet.  

I want to make a list of those important pieces, but for now I will talk about the most important item in a woman's wardrobe, wether young or old, a black cigarette pant.

Audrey Hepburn graced us in 1957 with a style that soon became one indicative of chic class.  

The slimming pants can be paired with oversized tunics or oxfords, stripped sailor tops or black turtlenecks.  Paired with a pair of classic ballet flats or YSL style loafers, you'll have an easy timelessly chic outfit.

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