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Friday, October 2, 2009

Life As Of Yet

I have not blogged in a while. A lot has happened since my last photo shoot. For starters, I am back in the lovely but occasionally dreary Pacific Northwest. That line has been used quite a bit in this blog. I am back; hello Pacific Northwest; I have returned to the great PNW... where the rain will soon move in. Of course, I don't mind it, after all, rain brings life!

I had a fabulous time resting and being absolutely lazy in Jedda. That of course is completely expected. Upon my arrival back into the United States of course, things got a little busy.

I started my graduate classes and am a little stressed out about getting all the reading done. I doubt it is any more than I have been assigned in my previous undergraduate classes, but there is this feeling, a higher expectation I have of myself. I want to do great. It is like moving from elementary school to middle school, a grandiose leap into a world SO much more mature and intellectual than the previous. I will get used to it all in a couple of weeks, maybe a quarter.

I have made one more step in the right direction as far as wedding plans. I have finally come to the realization that having the entire event at the house will be nothing less than fabulous, so long as I make that opportunity. I got the exact dress I wanted and well, it really makes more sense to keep things lower key and homey. Of course, I have some newer ideas as far as the time I would like it to be. I am seriously considering a day time brunch affair. It might end up a fun hoers d'oeuvres style lunch though. Either way I can have a fun, lighthearted affair. Not to mention get away with having powder pink brides maid dresses and so forth.

I bought the new Macbook Pro today!! I think that final push came when I saw "BRING YOU LAPTOPS TO CLASS" written in Anne Beaufort's syllabus on Wednesday. I knew that my trusted, but oh so unhealthy Sylvia was not going to make it, considering her very moody charge cord. Currently she is lying under the bed, resting next to her ill charger... completely dead of all battery life. One day I will find someone with a vintage (yes four years old is considered vintage in technological terms) charger to reboot her up in order to get all my old pictures and songs. I could also just start a new life, it's not like I haven't lost photos and songs before. Crossing my fingers for now.

I must be off to bed for now, but I promise not to be a stranger... Toodles.

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