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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Am I Still Alive?

Here I am, managing to finally fit a blog post into the hectic mess my life has become.

I feel like a little fluffy rabbit, jumping, super fast around this really huge forest and guess what?  It seems that I am always late, late, late for a very important date.  But then, I always seem to be forgetting what that date was to begin with.  So I am trying to keep up...
It seems as though in the second I take to look out the window and wonder where the sun has gone, everyone gets ahead of me.  I have no time to gaze, sit in a daze, or just simply laze.  
But I have accomplished a great deal... or so I would like to think.

Let me see, I am good at making lists, so maybe I can come up with some things I have gotten done in the past month.

Despite my fear and anxieties, I have been keeping up with my grad classes.  There is less order than in undergraduate classes.  Professors look at you as more of a researcher in your own respect, and therefore they are simply someone there to guide you on your journey, where no road leads you in the wrong way.  I am panting for air, and trying to find the right road amidst all the options.

So I am still alive...

... And I managed to celebrate my 23rd birthday and it was quite a gay affair.  My girlies threw me a pink themed surprise party and it was pretty damn glorious.  Then we went out and danced in the middle of an empty dance floor at Masa, because we can get away with that stuff... and it was pretty damn hot.  

So I'm older now...

... And I managed (somehow) in an unaware daze, to chose a bridesmaid dress and get them all ordered with the help of my lovely ladies.  It just went by so fast, then the boxes were in the mail and... I love them!

So that was a success...

The list wasn't very long, but those three items were quite large feats. So I am pretty proud of myself to be quite honest.

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