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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Balloons Galore

So I have an idea for fun wedding decor and since I have decided that the event will be a brunch at home, I think this would work.

Helium filled Balloons!

I want to find a way to incorporate them somewhere.  Some ideas I have:  

Let tons of balloons float freely to the top inside of the tent (this could be a popping mess though?) 

Tie balloons on the chairs during the ceremony, so they are floating around above everyone 

Have a balloon at every table floating above so it's like a mass of balloons (except there are only going to be ten or eleven tables so that might not look like a mass) 

Have balloons floating around the buffet or the cake table or both.

I have been looking around for balloon inspiration...

Bonus points for the fact that balloons are cheap and easy to buy in bulk.  I'm going to want some good quality big round ones though, but I know they are easy to find and deal with and will add so much to the whole cheerful springy theme.  Now, let's just pray it is a nice day... weather wise.

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