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Friday, June 25, 2010

A 'Going Away Party' How-To

It's always fun to plan an intimate party no matter the occasion.  Decide a theme, pick out the food, make a cake... there is nothing more pleasing than a do-it-yourself affair.

If a close friend is heading out of town (in my case, Lana my dear sister was heading to Europe for a month), plan a 'Bon Voyage' party.  It will be a blast.

First, you're going to want to have a theme to focus on.  In our case, we chose to be French!

For the sign, a simple 'Bon Voyage' seemed quite appropriate.  All you need is some thick ribbon, paper and a printer.  Create a circle template on your computer with a letter per page.  Printing will take a bit, since it's a letter per page.  Once that is taken care of, cut the circles out and tape or glue the letters to the ribbon.

Color wise we decided black, white and a dash of pink.  We didn't focus too hard on the colors as our backdrop was quite the starburst of color.  But it is nice to have some guidance when choosing things such as wrapping paper or balloons, etc.

Make your own food and drinks, rather than purchasing them packaged at the store.  Cut your fruits, bake your cake, and personalize every bit of it.  Simplicity is key to success, and with a cake, starting early is too.  Rushing only creates disasters.

Lastly, arrange a playlist that fits the theme of your party, dress to impress and have a ball!

Photos by the fabulous Alexis Smith

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