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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Renewed and Refreshed

After approximately five months of complete insanity, I rise again.

I have not forgotten about my haven for expression, my inspiration board of life.  After getting married and finishing my first year of grad school, I believe it is time to bring back the old habit, but with a new twist.

I want to talk about being a homemaker, and a savvy one at that.  I'm no Jehovah's Witness (no offense to them), I am a well rounded, cultured and quite educated young woman and I believe that a voice like mine should be heard.  (That moment of utter confidence felt good.)

I want to be able to express myself in ways that an office cubicle could not allow, and spread my wings well beyond the limitations of the corporate threshold.  I am woman, and I am truly free.  I am free to chose my path, and if that road takes me gardening, cooking, organizing, cleaning, volunteering, and ironing I will damn well follow it... in my Louboutins.

Yes ladies, I am here to say get back into your kitchen.  Learn a recipe or two that doesn't come out of a box and put your highest heels on while you're at it.  Make your own curtains, harvest your own carrots. Learn about and reap the benefits of the fruitful economy of a home... one that turns it's back on funding day cares and Walmarts.

Ciao for now,


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