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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Delightfully Wedded

As most of my past posts suggested, I was in the process of planning a May 15th wedding.  Seeing that we are over two months from that date, it is due time I wrote something relevant to that event.

The wedding went splendidly.  It could not have been easier, or more pleasant.  It was exactly how I pictured it would be: springy, fun and an all around delight.  It was most definitely a blessed day, as the sun popped out of the clouds that weekend and showed us some of the Puget Sound's most beautiful weather.

Not everything goes as planned, so here is a little overview of how May 15, 2010 actually turned out.

One of the highlights of that day was the beautiful flower arrangements my florist put together.  It was as though she took the image I had in my mind and duplicated it.  Yes, I provided the best photo examples of the peony arrangements and bouquets I wanted, as well as color schemes and so forth, but she went above and beyond all of that.  They were prefect.

My bakers made a great lemon cake with a bavarian cream and fresh strawberry filling.  The frosting was simple, with a monogram on the top tear, single dots on the middle, and triple dots at the bottom.  We adorned the top with a pink peony.

I should probably mention the attire, since that was obviously the real highlight of the entire year leading up to the wedding.  My dress, the love of my life, treated me so well!  My veil did it's job, whatever that was.  Making me look 'bridely' I suppose.  

My shoes, were by no means as painful as I thought they would be.  They lasted on my feet from 2 p.m. until around midnight.  Quite impressive for three and a half inch high, satin, Louboutin slippers.  Mother's pearl and diamond drop earrings were my 'something borrowed' and my great grandmother's handkerchief stuffed into my bustier was my 'something old.' Once the reception was over I changed into an early 1960's ivory dress. I actually did not plan that change, but it happened that I had purchased the dress just the week before and it worked great when I felt like getting out of my dress and showing off the shoes!

My lovely bridesmaids looked perfect.  Their dresses made them seem like little bundles of spring flowers, allergy inducers on the loose!

In the back yard, the ceremony was held, using white wooden chairs.  Once it was over, our catering staff quickly set up the cocktail tables, with white table clothes and crystal bowls with a single pink peony in each as centerpieces.  That ended up looking great as well.

After a short and sweet ceremony our guests joined us for a high tea reception, mingling in the garden serenaded by a jazz/swing band.  Dancing was not forced, but a number of my family members got into the groove.

After the reception, everyone got together at a local Irish pub to celebrate the night away.

Photos by Adrian Jon Ragasa & Abby Williamson

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