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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spectacular! Spectacular!

As one would guess upon reading this blog, I do enjoy planning the occasional party.  The cause for this most recent one: our dear bachelorette.  

Of course we went all out, and in true Sarah/Alexis/Lana fashion, we had a theme.  If one did not guess by the above title, this "spectacular" night was inspired by the film 'Moulin Rouge.'

The night was filled with quotes from the movie, but the one that was of utmost inspirational use was "Diamonds are a girls best friend."  Obviously the movie did not coin the phrase, but in a phantasmagorically elaborate scene Satine swung over the Moulin Rouge singing her song with a top hat in place.  That seemed the appropriate corner stone for a bachelorette party.  

Among the various characters of the night were three of the "four whores": Arabia, China Doll and Nini Legs in the Air, the green fairy, the duke and of course Satine, the star of the show.

After spending weeks finding all things diamond-y and shimmer-tastic, what resulted was a success.  The corset cake was a centerpiece of epic proportions to say the least.  It was almost a crime to eat it.

Some other details used in room decor were lipstick kisses and writing on a mirror (yes, diamonds are indeed a girls best friend), a clothes line of memorable quotes from the film that fit as post marriage advice (pinned with glittering love), a vintage liquor vase, silver and black balloons and several blood red boas (which in most cases I would have thought tacky, but somehow were very well suited, thematically speaking).

And of course, we did not forget the pimp cup...

In our attempts to match the debauchery of fin-de-siecle Paris, we had a night to remember.

All photos taken by Lady Go Lightly

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