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Monday, August 30, 2010

20 Items, That's All

We all have learned this: in life, there are basics.  But only the very wise know how to clear the clutter and cut to the chase.  Wardrobe wise, there are certain things a woman must possess (in my opinion of course) in order to be whole.  Forget Tim Gunn and his list of the ten most important items in your wardrobe.  Here I will be realistic and show you twenty pieces that can be your wardrobe, take you through any occasion, in any season at any time (day or night).

1)  The LBD

Yes my little friends, Nancy Drew got it, Holly Golightly flaunted it and everyone in between managed with it.  The little black dress.  You are virtually incomplete without one.  It is the one item that can be worn over and over without anyone ever quite noticing (let's face it, a majority of the world has no concept of fashion to notice you wearing the same bateau neck or empire style black dress.)  A dress in a color that flatters all is a savior on those "What the hell am I going to wear?" kind of nights.

2)  Statement Necklace

We might not all be able to afford those gorgeous pearls from the runway at Dries van Noten, but what would a little black dress be without a big, colorful, eye catching necklace?  Pitiful nothingness.

3)  A Classic Trench

When it begins to drizzle, cover up with a classic trench coat.  Pop the collar to frame your statement necklace, to add femininity to this masculine look.  Avoid glaring colors and shimmery material.  There is a reason why a simple, beige coat is considered classic.

4)  The Ballerina Flat

Not a chunky, shapeless, cheap flat but rather an elegant, delicate, leather piece of art.  Say no to rubber soles, obnoxious ball shaped toes that slant upward and excessive details.  The ballet flat is the most classic in colors such as red, black and gunmetal.  Obviously, this shoe can be worn with your little black dress paired with that statement necklace and trench.  Catching on to the pattern?

5)  Black Cigarette Pants

Audrey was a leader in terms of style, but this look, by far is my favorite.  No matter who you are, a black, fitted, ankle length pant is always flattering.

6)  Nautical Striped T-Shirt

Following the lead of Henri Matisse, who donned one in his self portrait, this nautical look is one that will never go out of fashion.  Just like the trench, it's a classic.  The key to wearing this look correctly is being sure to not get it too tight.  Because of the horizontal stripes, a loose fitting tee is much more flattering than one that clenches onto your flesh.  Pair it with those black cigarette pants, statement necklace and ballerina flats and you are sure to look your best on a casual day.

7)  A Versatile White Blouse

A versatile white blouse is one that takes you from day-time casual to night-time glam as quick as the sun goes down. 

8)  High Waisted Shorts

When it's warm out and you want to look cute but casual, a pair of loose fitting high waist shorts take you to that place.  1940's inspired printed ones are always adorable, but I would go for a simple black.  Paired with the white blouse, statement necklace and ballerina flats you will look elegant.  On the other hand, if you want to look like your just slipped out of St. Barts, pair it with the nautical tee and ballerina flats.

9)  The Pump

Most people will repeat that one needs a perfect black pump.  While this statement remains true, in the pump category I would like to say anything that is not garish can do.  Basically, a heel that works for you.  Whatever color you choose, or style (low heel or high), as long as it is a well made shoe, it will do the job.  The little black dress will look beautiful come evening time, with a black pump adorned in some sparkle, or a simple, suede burgundy pump.  If you insist on animal prints, simplicity is key.  No hot-pink straps across the toe of a zebra pump, please.  If the pump is chic enough, it can be paired with the cigarette pants, but I prefer not to mix heels and skinny pants.  There is a fine line between style and a lack thereof.

10) Pencil Skirt

This piece, like most of the others in this list, can be transformed from casual to fancy if you chose to pair it with any of the following: blouse or t-shirt, heels or flats.

11)  Black Turtle Neck Sweater

No one would have guessed that Audrey was my inspiration for this item.  A nicely fitting black turtle neck sweater will get you through the winter months with those black pants.  It never hurt to look like an overly emotional art student.

12)  Flat Boot

A boot with a heel is a contradiction.  The whole point is to be practically warm during the winter months, but no one said they had to be ugly.  The flat boot, reminiscent of a riding boot is what anyone, with a brain, would consider classic.

13)  Tailored Blazer

This piece is a little tricky since it has to fit you to the utmost perfection in order to be worn well.  My favorite way to wear the blazer is with a nautical tee and statement necklace.  It frames both the stripes of the t-shirt and the beauty of the necklace.

14)  Bensimon Sneakers

These sneakers are the perfect casual shoe to compliment a nautical t-shirt.  They are easy to pack, easy to wear and always look fun in the various colors offered.  

15)  Cashmere Scarf

When it's time to bundle up, a cashmere scarf in a bold color can compliment a simple outfit.  A quality scarf will not nub and is worth the investment.

16)  Leather Gloves

Do not deny your fingers of the luxury.  The longer the pair, the most luxurious, not to mention your wrists will never be cold when the wind starts to blow.  Make sure to buy cloves that (mind the expression) fit like a glove, as they do stretch.

17)  Vintage Inspired Bathing Suit

Say no to trashy animal print, barely there bikinis.  The only way to take off that nautical tee you are using as a cover up and still look classy is with a swimsuit that will garner positive attention.

18)  Pearl Earrings

Every girl should own a set of pearl earrings, because classic does not get anymore classic than with pearls.  Your little black dress, turtle neck and nautical tee will be nicely complimented with these earrings.  Bonus points if you have dark hair that will show off the white shimmer of the pearls.

19)  The Perfect Clutch

This is what you use at night, when you're wearing your little black dress, out on the town.  You throw it into your purse when you're shopping or working, during the day.  Therefore, it must go from day to night, like the blouse, classically.

20)  A Longchamps "Carry-All"

This bag is true to it's name, it does indeed carry all.  When you are in the mood to pick up and jet out of site, fold it up and throw it into your small, carry on suitcase (the one that will fit all your seasonally related garments, with ease).  

Now that you see that life can be easily lived with only twenty wardrobe items, drop the excess luggage and welcome to freedom!

I will end on this note, inspired by the wise words of the great YSL, fashion fades, but style remains eternal.

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