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Monday, November 22, 2010

Obsession of the Month: Bulky Sweaters

I haven't blogged in, well, a long time.  I am slightly irritated with myself for simply moseying on in and posting about my latest obsession as though I have been present and writing all along.  But alas, I must start somewhere, and in true Lady Go Lightly fashion, an obsession is a great place to get back on track.  

So I said bulky sweater.  Yes ma'am, the kind that you put on and (with the right hairstyle) instantaneously look ten times more mature than you could ever possibly imagine.  Honestly, I couldn't give a gosh darn about the maturity, it's more about the warmth.  It takes a perfectly designed sweater, in a not so itchy material (no synthetics please!) in order to reach that peak of sweater ecstasy.  I am craving them!

There are certain sweaters, that simply won't do.  I get this itch to rip those off and free my soul from their cabled confinement.  Other times it is about the look, it can seem overly preppy or just way too stuffy.  If I decide to wear a sweater that is in a more traditional cut (think Ralph Lauren), I try to avoid wearing pearls or overly prepped out accessories.

For now, all I want is a loose, bulky, warm sweater to bundle up in and watch the snow flakes blanket the Pacific Northwest.  Therefore, I am definitely thinking my next huge project is to start knitting/crocheting.  I have been looking through some yarn and pattern magazines and I am completely inspired.

With that said, let my quest for daily posts commence!

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