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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Distraction Action

It's been a couple days since I last blogged and various distractions are to blame.  First off, I just got an IPhone4 and it is my new toy that i play with 24/7.  Maybe I should have been blogging from it!  I have been super amused by the Instagram app.

I also went camping last weekend.  It was super fun.  We planned on pitching our tent at this state park on a beautiful lake, but we ended up getting a little cabin on this same lake.  I love a spontaneous change for the better.  As much as I love to go with the flow and be an adventurer, I much prefer cabins to tents.

We ate hot dogs and roasted marshmallows, and when the sun set we took fun photographs with extended exposure times to capture each other writing with flaming sticks.  Nerds!

In other news, my sister and I booked our hotel in Paris.  I am very excited for the couple of days we will be spending there.  

I plan on getting street style photographs and maybe taking a few Lady Go Lightly Vintage photographs to post.  That obviously means I will be hitting up the flea markets to see what kind of vintage I can score.  So exciting!

That's all for now, 


Photos by Lady Go Lightly and Company

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