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Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Elegant Engagement

Looking back at my posts, I get a good little feeling from the fun memories I posted.  I really want to keep it up, so I will write a little blurb on my friends engagement party we went to last month in Louisa, Virginia.

I am a bridesmaid in her wedding, which will be this New Years Eve (so exciting!), therefore it was important to me to make it out for the engagement party.

They had it at Evelyn's parents house, a pretty farm home nestled in a secluded corner of Va.  Behind the home was a large corn field, which ended up a perfect backdrop for the many photographs we took.

It was a super warm Virginia afternoon, and everyone arrived dressed in beautiful colors (something I wish people out here would do!)

What was most surprising to me was the sudden storm that hit just before the party, it rained cats and dogs for about five minutes, and then it was all over.  I figured that meant less people at the party, but of course people in the East are used to those freak storms during the summertime.  

There was a mojito bar set up with fresh mint from the garden.  We also made hydrangea cupcakes, which I am royally upset that we did not get any pictures of.  The party lasted through the night, with the young college friends staying the night, scattered throughout the yard in tents.

It was a fun Virginia evening to say the least.

Photos by Lady Go Lightly

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