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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My New Obsession: Vintage Cropped Tops

Lately I have been buying and wearing 1960's cropped bra tops.  Of course, I pair them with high waist full skirts, shorts or pencil skirts, rather than leave the house a la Britney Spears (I think most of us got over that trashy look back in '98).

Back to the pretty Gidget look.  I have taken it on for various reasons.  For one, it is flattering on me considering my small frame.  Second, it really only shows about an inch of your rib cage area, and with a tan that can be a cute little bit of flesh to show off.  Lastly, I just love the light and easy look for a beach summer adventure, especially with my new-ish short hair.

Some tops I have gotten so far, off Etsy of course:

This one is slightly more showy.  I have yet to wear it, but I think it would be more of a beach look with a cute pair of black high waist pin-up shorts.

I simply adore the bright green lines on this one.  I wore it yesterday to check out the garage sales and farmer's market, with a lavender pencil skirt and a pair of cute Moschino flat sandals.  I really like it because of the ruffled bottom which gives slightly more coverage than the others, making it much easier to wear out shopping or for lunch on the town.

Lastly, this is one of the cropped bra tops I bought at a vintage shop in town.  I got to wear it while we were in the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago paired with a vintage circle skirt.  The picture is sketchy, but it gets the job done.  

So, since I am so absolutely in love with them (and I know this love will last for summers to come), I am always on the lookout for more on Etsy and I have some fun new fabrics I got while garage sale-ing yesterday which I intend on turning into more.  I actually have a cute 1960's swimsuit and cover-up pattern with a bra top that will be adorable.  Will post pictures once I make them.  For the time being, I am working on a silk full skirt dress, wish me luck.

Happy almost Monday!

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