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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pregnant Lady Sewing Projects

Pattern from Sewing with Miss Dandy's Etsy Shop

With the holiday season around the corner, naturally, I am looking for pretty dresses.  This year I've got the usual list of events plus my very close friend is getting married on New Years Eve.  I am in her wedding and therefore have a couple events to attend that weekend.  This means I need more dresses, and being pregnant is not making the search easy.

I've decided to sew some pretty 1960's style shifts.  I just bought the pattern pictured above to start with.  If you look at the lines on that pattern, you can tell how easy it is going to be to make!  I think making the mini version with a shimmery, beaded neckline would be adorable.

I'll post pictures of whatever I end up making when the time comes.

Wish me luck!

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