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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September in Paris

I've not been a very good blogger.  I have just now remembered to write about a trip I took several weeks ago.

My sister and I stopped in Paris for several nights, on our way back to Seattle.  Of course, we had a blast.

We stayed at an adorable little boutique hotel on Rue Saint Jacques in the 5th.  I prefer the winding narrow streets of the left bank, so it suited my taste very well.  Of course we walked far and wide, leaving no delicious baguette sandwich behind, or fashionable boutique undiscovered.

I love being in a fashionable city, where it is not hard to spot trendsetters in the street.  I suppose I could say I especially love Paris because my personal style fits in very well there.  Ballet flats, tapered colorful pants, nautical striped tops, elegant scarves, and tailored blazers are just a few of the fashion staples me and the Parisians share.

Of course I took a few street style shots, this one was my favorite.

All in all we had a super amazing time, but once our trip was over we made an oath to avoid bread, butter and cheese!  Haha, that oath didn't last long though, as those are three of my favorite food items.

A bientôt!

All photos by Lady Go Lightly 

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