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Monday, November 14, 2011

For the Love of Lace


Lace fabric is like shimmering, sequined fabrics, it adds a different texture and spruces up an outfit if done right.  With lace, to get away from overdoing it and looking matronly, take it to an edgy place.

Contrast lace with a simple top
Totally Hipped Out

The best way to do that is to add contrasting elements to the outfit.  For example, wear a lace skirt with a neutral toned or denim, manly blouse to keep it from being overly prissy.  

Denim vs. Lace

If you chose a lace dress, or top, try wearing sharp jewelry (by sharp I mean things like crystals, or metal studs.  To me crystals have a hard icy-ness about them).

Crystals add a sharp contrast

A lace dress is always adorable because it is both sexy and demur.  The whole see-through aspect of lace brings that unexpected edge, but all the frill makes it impossible for lace to seem too fresh or forward. 

Sexy but subdued

Again, to tone down the kitch, girly-ness pair with edgy accessories, shoes, or handbags.  

Happy Monday!

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