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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Last weekend we hosted a small Friends-Giving get together.  We made a traditional Thanksgiving style menu, down to the roasted turkey and cranberry sauce.  

This was the first turkey I ever cooked, and surprisingly, it turned out great.  Not undercooked at all.  I suppose if you know how to roast a chicken, just add some patience to the mix and you're good with the turkey.  I loved that it took so long to cook, because it gave me time to prepare other things without freaking out about burning it.  

My pumpkin pie turned out great as well.  I posted a recipe a while back of mini pumpkin pies using this exact same recipe.  The crust is from a Julia Child cookbook and the filling is a spin off of the famous Libby's recipe that is on the back of the can (I use the organic Trader Joe's brand pumpkin puree, but the recipe is online).  Both the mini's and the large pie have turned out perfect, so this recipe is a definite winner.

This evening also was the debut of a bunch of our wedding registry items, which I am so thankful for.  The china, stem wear and silver wear all looked great.  

I found adorable shimmering place mats to add some sparkle to the table and decorated each setting with mini pumpkins (which I intended on using as name holders, with a little piece of paper emulating a leaf tied to their stems, but it was a small enough gathering that I decided that was not necessary).  

For my first ever dinner party in Little House, I think it turned out pretty awesome!  

Now for more Thanksgiving festivities.  I hope baby likes turkey, because that's all we will be eating for a while.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

All photos by Sarah Kyle, property of Lady Go Lightly

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