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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Fashion: Lace, Sequins & Chiffon

The holiday season has begun and with it the hunt for adorably festive attire.  As mentioned before, this year will be particularly challenging for me with this growing baby bump, but not impossible.  I still want to be glittery and eye catching, I just need to focus on sheer empire dresses and subtle sequins.  

Of course, I am addicted to Pinterest, which makes it all the more easy to find adorable inspiration.  

This season I am really feeling extreme textures.  Lace, sequins, sheer chiffons, etc. 

Audrey's outfit in 'How to Steal a Million," provides a good base of lace inspiration.  I've already got a maternity black lace dress that fits into this concept.

How to Steal a Million

Red lace adds to the Christmas appeal

As far as glitter and sequins go, I want it all.  Obviously Christmas is a time to embrace shimmer and shine, so what better time to let out your inner glitter goddess.

How festive!

Glitter Cendrillon D'Orsay's

Glitter skirt
Glitter clutch


Chiffon adds a soft element when mixed with sequins and an extra flirty feminine look when paired with lace.  I'm all about it right now, especially since the flow is nothing but complimentary to my new figure.

Chiffon in a dark color

Enough blogging, I must get to making dinner rolls (if they end up glorious, I will share the recipe!)

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