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Thursday, December 15, 2011


So, I love this quote because it is completely true.  When you workout or do something strenuous and sweat inducing you always feel better.  Crying generally gets me over something pretty quickly and then I feel like my face is flushed and my skin feels better (weird I know, but my mom always said it was a release of toxins).  Lastly, sea water, ALWAYS makes me feel amazing.  Swimming in the ocean is so perfect for feeling beautiful.

Anyways, I am done with my thesis draft.  Such a good feeling.  It is now with my chair, and I can breath for the rest of break.  

The first thing I did with my free time is head up to the city, pick my sister up and went shopping.  I bought a beautiful Vince sequin dress that looked super cute on preggo me and a pair of ADORABLE Gucci black heels.  Will be posting pictures soon.  They are fabulous black suede with gold piping.  

I also bought a couple maternity clothes.  Got some J Brand skinnies.  I love the maternity jeans because they have this belly covering band that is the greatest.  No booty crack!  Also, I still wear my regular size.  Even though I have started to gain pregnancy weight, it's mostly in my stomach (although I do notice my legs and arms being a little fuller, but oh well).  

I love my apetite, I enjoy the food I eat so much, which wasn't the case for the first three months.  I lost weight those months because I was very indifferent about eating.  Now, no matter what it is, from a plate of salad or vegetables, to a slice of pizza, it is SO good!

I am about to make a batch of my amazing pumpkin cookies and will definitely be posting this recipe soon.  They are the greatest pumpkin cookie on earth.  No joke.  Oh and I make them with whole wheat flour, and they rock my universe without making me feel bad about eating them.

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  1. After sweating, shedding tears and smelling like a fish in the ocean, I think having your thesis completed was certainly felt like freedom! Well, it would certainly be a thesis help desk if you go on a vacation if you feel that thesis writing is giving you too much stress. Anyway, I do hope you are now happier in your life after one of your tasks in graduate school was finished.