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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm Loving: Sea Foam Green

I would say this is completely unrelated to Lady Gaga proclaiming that sea foam green is going to be big this spring, in reference to the medical caps in her latest video.  I painted my bedroom this color last year, and I still love it.  It gives an airy ambiance that brightens my day.

Brightens a room
Sea foam accents
Beyond house decor, I am starting to covet flowing skirts, blouses and dresses in a pretty sea foam green color. 


So far I am feeling it paired with subtle beige.  Last year when I was decorating little house, I was all about the pairing of sea foam and orange.

Sea foam fashion

It's a great color to pair with crystal-y jewelry because it gives a soft, expensive feel, much like cream and ivory shades but with a little oomph.

An all mint combo
I think that's why I like it, because it radiates as subtle as beige, ivory or grey but gives a colorful feel that brightens your mood and strays from being drab.

Now all I need is a sea foam green bicycle and my life would be complete.  


Happy Sunday!

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