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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby's Nursery

While March seems quite far away, time is ticking, and every day we get closer to meeting baby.  More importantly, the energized moments are slowly fading, so it is best I get to work on the important things before I get surprised and caught off guard.

Currently I have laid down a theme for baby's nursery.  I hate strange cartoon characters and goofy childish themes, that was one thing I knew.  A friend of mine suggested framing a map I had lying around and from there my theme developed.  

Map decor

A map wall

Mapped out

My husband loves the beach and all things nautical, so it only made sense to decorate our little boys room in an explorer-ish way.  I'm thinking framed vintage maps, a vintage globe, a ship mobile a glass lamp filled with shells, or a lamp made from an anchor.

Shell filled glass lamp $99 - Pottery Barn Teen
Maps and nautical elements

An adventurer's room

Vintage globe

When he gets older I see shelves of cool model ships.  But who knows what he will get into, we'll let him decide.

Letter map $12 - Urban Outfitters

Aged vintage ship maps

As far as a color theme goes, we are going for dark wood furniture (some new pieces and some antique pieces).  I figured with the map-y, nautical theme it would be best to choose a natural color palette.  I chose sage as a main accent color and cream as a background filler.  For example, his sheets will be sage with a blanket or two in cream.  The walls of the room are a blah earthy beige tone, that I am too lazy to change, so it will have to work.

I would like to paint a vintage wooden rocking chair as an accent piece.  I think it would be a super fun addition.  I haven't decided a color quite yet, but this yellow one is adorable.

Accent piece

That's all I've got so far, I will be doing a before and after post, so we can see how far the room has come.

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