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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just Make a Statement

First of all, Happy new year!!  Winter break is officially over and I am home after spending the holidays in Virginia at my in-laws and celebrating my close friend's New Years Eve wedding in Richmond.  I am currently under the weather and have been for most of the trip.  That, getting organized after my thesis draft was done, mixed with being on the run the entire trip resulted in a very bad blogger.  But I am back now, resting at home and getting better so, let the posts resume!

On to more important things.  My mother in law is a jewelry designer and before I left we were brainstorming some fun ideas.  I explained to her how much I adore statement necklaces and she could possibly catch the attention of a younger more hip client base if she ventured into more dramatic jewelry.  Of course there are also the stylish older women who appreciate a great statement.  For starters, she made me a beautiful chunky coral necklace that I will blog about later, once I get some beautiful photographs.


While this is no new style and definitely no new love of mine, I wanted to mention the statement necklace.  This is one style that I remain loyal to.  Every ensemble can be spiced up with a dramatic necklace.

Perfect contrast

A great Grecian bib necklace $198

Lately I have been into buttoning up my collared shirts and pairing them with bib style necklaces.


Jcrew's pretty pearls

Absolutely stunning necklace

Happy 2012!!


  1. Loving all these necklaces! I love it worn under the collar! xoxoxo

  2. The statement necklace under a buttoned to the top collar is by far my favorite look right now! Thanks for the comment :-)