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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Makeup Regimen

I realized I never posted anything about my routine beauty regimen.  You know, what makeup I use, how I do it, moisturizer, etc.

I don't wear makeup every day.  I consider it pretty tacky to fix your face up to go to the grocery store or post office.  Also, not wearing makeup on a daily basis makes those days you decide to put some on special.  I don't mean to be corny, but true beauty is within.  The most important element to maintaining your confidence is knowing that your eyelashes are lustrous without mascara, your skin glows without that concealer, your lips are rosy without that Chanel lipstick and your hair is lustrous without being blown out.  So when you do treat yourself, your just adding to the beauty.  What I like to tell myself is, it's your face, the beauty you see when you paint a little more drama on is yours to begin with, so don't credit the makeup, credit yourself.

My makeup regimen is pretty simple and does not really change.  No matter the occasion, if it's a fancier day I'll wear a more bold lipstick, if it's a more casual day I will keep it pretty neutral and simple.

1. Shiseido Advanced Hydro-Liquid Compact 

I hate big jugs of concealer, so I bought this one particularly for it's small sized case, and because it gives light coverage and doesn't make my face look dry and cakey.  I bought the small filler case and did not care to have to larger compact case, so mine is even smaller than the picture.  Yay for mini's!

2.  Mac shadows in Malt and Orb

I like to create a creamy natural look on my eyelid with a little bit of shading.  I start with Orb and brush it all over my lid.  It's a barely noticeable skin tone.  Then I line my crease with Malt, which is a slightly darker beige that gives some depth.

3.  Estee Lauder Soft Matte Bronzer

I don't use blush, just because I would rather have a warm glow than a pinky one.  I suppose I could say I use bronzer as a blush.  My skin gets pretty light in the winter, but it has an olive tone to it, so bronzer always works and makes me look slightly more sun kissed.  I brush it on my cheekbones, the edges of my face by my hairline, my chin and across the top of my nose.  Basically I use it for shading.

4.  Urban Decay Waterproof Liquid Liner in Black 

This stuff is epic.  First, it has a nice wand that creates a great cat-eye.  Second, it is waterproof and almost impossible to get off.  That gets irritating at the end of the night when I want to just go to bed, but that also means it does not rub or fade the rest of the time.  For this reason, I usually do not use it on a daily basis, and save it for occasions.  I draw a simple cat-eye with a small wing, nothing too interesting.

5.  Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara in Black

I just recently started using this one, and I like it.  It creates a pretty dramatic lash.  I always was loyal to Lancome mascara, but before this specific one I used Lancome Hypnose (I don't think it had any other detail on it's name).  The thing I notice is, mascara has to be replaced very often to look right.  I know that's a no brainer, but dried out mascara is gross and clumpy.  If you want long, lustrous lashes, replace your mascara often.

6.  Chanel Rouge Coco in #05 Mademoiselle

Hands down, best lipstick ever.  It goes on smooth and works great when mixing.  I always mix my shades to create the perfect one.  This is the only color I can wear solo, without mixing, but I rarely do at that.  I generally mix it with the YSL pink lipstick, listed below.

7.  Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte

This lipstick is completely the opposite of the Chanel one listed above.  It has a super soft consistency and therefore is really streaky and cannot be used alone.  It is the best mixing shade though.  I usually add a little bit on top of my Mademoiselle lipstick to create a more beigy, natural tone.

And here is the result (I pretty much look the same when I put makeup on, all the time, even on my wedding day): 

When I'm tan, during the summer, I'll wear less makeup (generally no concealer, just a little bit of bronzer to even out the tan).

And there you have it, that's my basic makeup routine.  On days I want to have a more dramatic look I will wear a red Mac lipstick or a YSL super duper fuschia one (generally only in the summer when I look super beachy).  

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