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Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm sick in bed and planning an LGL spring photo shoot.  Although this season is going to be VERY hectic for me, with baby coming and all, I would like to get in one last shoot for our springy items.  It is only January, but I feel like planning ahead is going to be my friend.

I have been very inspired by the light tone of this Ben Toms for Vogue Russia spread.  It is very up my alley.  From the 1950's theme to the detailed styling and relatively natural feel it is a photo shoot theme I am always trying to recreate.  I just need a great house of pastel colors and floral wallpaper.

I especially love the hairdo of bumpy waves, it definitely has a slightly more natural feel than most 1950's hairstyles.  When I was a teenager my hair would naturally do that, and my mother was incessantly trying to get me to wear it like that.  Obviously, back then, I wasn't buying it.

I would like to recreate this sort of theme, possibly in Seattle's Pioneer Square.  I could work with retro bottles of Pepsi (something I have been meaning to put in SO MANY of my photo shoots, but always forget or get too scatter brained to stick with).  Last spring we did a similar theme for our look book, but not the pastel editing.  I added bubble gum and bright colored makeup for a fun twist.

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