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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I Love Vintage

1960's mink hat

At times I meet people who simply do not understand the concept of vintage clothing.  The first thing they think of is "used." And while that is very true, I think there is more to these clothing than the fact that they are pre-worn.

1950's wool & mink coat

1960's dress

First of all, when shopping vintage, you are able to find pieces you would not necessarily find in a clothing shop at the mall, etc.  The cuts are unique, the pieces generally come from a time where fashion and thrifty-ness were much more appreciated and therefore the pieces are generally better made. Very much the opposite of the time we live in, where clothes are meant to be worn and thrown out faster than the year can pass.

1950's cocktail dress

But not always are the clothing items of our day poorly made, and of course, those higher quality garments come with a pretty price tag.  Vintage is affordable.  You can look pretty and still buy food.

Late 1960's chiffon gown with beaded top

1960's romper

Lastly, and for me, most importantly, each piece comes with a history. When I pick up a 1950's cocktail dress, I think about the woman who wore it.  Where did she wear it?  Did she fall in love in it?  Was she photographed in it?  Does my picking this dress, and ultimately sharing her taste mean that I could have been her friend?  

1950's cocktail dress

1950's little black dress

There is just so much more behind these "old" garments, so if ever in doubt, meet a new friend in a vintage outfit.

All photos are of vintage pieces sold at Lady Go Lightly Vintage on Etsy
Photographed by Sarah Kyle


  1. All of these pieces are breathtakingly gorgeous, I absolutely adore the mink hat <3

    1. Thanks! Most are still available in the shop :-)

  2. Yes, agreed! Vintage pieces have a certain charm that today's mass-produced clothes are often missing.