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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Nesting

I've been doing quite a bit of decorating (or rather touching up unfinished bits and pieces) around the house.

The nursery is getting closer and closer to being complete (we've got a way to go, but steps are being taken!)  I went thrifting with a friend, who has her own adorable blog, Domestically Dobson.  I'm still going with the nautical theme for baby's room.  So far I found a cute lamp with some wicker detailing and a boat wheel to hang up.  Some other items I'll be keeping an eye out for are a model ship, and a vintage globe.

I also got a cute little orange lamp for our bedroom.  I had been looking for one since we moved in, almost two years ago.  I thought a pop of orange would be a nice contrast in a mostly minty colored room.  

I was also out garage sale-ing and found these cute glasses.  I am super excited to replace my old ones, they were getting boring, but also most of them had broken, so I was down to about four glasses.

I'll be posting some pictures from our antique shopping adventure when I get the chance.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow! That orange lamp is amazing! And yes, it's looks great with those minty walls! :)