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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Babes On Bikes

Looking for a cute new bike and wishing I lived in a more bike friendly area.  While it's not hard to ride a bike around here, there isn't really anywhere to go (in terms of daily errands).  I could bike to some pretty parks or just for a quick workout, but if I wanted to get some groceries or pick something up, it would not work so well.

I've biked around New York before, and while it is completely doable, it is definitely intimidating at first to ride around with all those crazy cars, props to those who have mastered it.  So even in cities that are bike-able, it's a double edged sword.  I can bike more safely in my little suburb, but it can't be my primary form of commuting.

Most of the photos are by The Sartorialist.

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