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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life As of Late

Blogging isn't always easy with a little one around.  He cycles through sleepy weeks and then more active/crazy weeks where all he wants to do is eat or cry if set down.  Last week was one of those, and up until this morning, this week was looking like one too.  After sleeping almost through the night (of course he woke up every so often to eat), he slept through most of the morning too!  Of course it was on my chest while I caught up on some of the television shows I follow.  I can't complain.

As you all can tell, life has been pretty low key.  We do a lot of walking, lazing around and admiring of cute baby parts (feet, eyes, head, fat bellies, etc.)  My mother tells me the first couple of months are like this, you just want to lounge with your new little bundle.  Of course, I plan on getting out and active once he's a bit older.  For starters, I am joining a mommy fitness class (you use your baby instead of weights.)  I'm really excited about that, since getting my pre-pregnancy body back is top on my summer to-do list.

Well, I've got a crying baby to get back to, so ciao for now!

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