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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Growing Boy

I'm a bit late posting this (2 weeks to be exact).

He has grown so much since we brought him home.  I can definitely see his personality shining through.  He is a very headstrong little dude.

We've got to experience his first smile, which brought one of the most wonderfully heartwarming feelings.  He also discovered his own hand, and was very fascinated with it.  

His very first friend is a boat wheel hanging on the wall above his changing table.  He loves it and chats with it every single time it's diaper changing time.  Therefore, we named the wheel, Frederick William the Wheel, since every good friend needs a good name.  Of course this wheel is F-Dub for short.

He is now learning to squirm when he cries and has almost successfully turned himself over.  He arches his back and stretches his body out with such strength.  I call that the wash board.

I am eager to see what the months to come have in store for us.

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