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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleaning Out

Yesterday I started a mass wipe out of all the odd/old/ugly/immature pieces of clothing in my closet, and man what an invigorating feeling that was.  I literally came out of the warzone with 6 bags full of clothes I will donate and sell.

In all the cleaning of course I found a TON of vintage items that I will be adding to my shop as soon as I get a shoot together (all my models are dealing with finals and graduating, yay!)  So soon enough, I will get to that part.

It feels good to have a clean board to create new outfits, and plan a simple stylish mommy wardrobe filled with organization and well planned combos that take a second to slip on.  I got a lot of help from my mother, who realized very early on that one needed order to look cute with kids (she had five, guh!)

My next project is to sew some tops for outfits I've got planned and acquire some pretty padded hangers.  I've found some cute ones on Etsy, but they are a bit pricey, I'm throwing around the idea of covering my own.  If so I'll do a DIY!

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  1. Gosh, I know the feeling. Every morning lately I've gotten around and started to get dressed, and looked around thinking to myself "You have got to be kidding me. I don't need all of this!"

    Thank goodness for thrift stores. In the buying new clothes way, and the giving back way.

    ALSO: Jude is just precious.