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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rewind: Memorial Day Weekend

As I mentioned before, my Iphoto was not working last week, so I was not able to share any photos from our very lazy Memorial Day weekend.  But I fixed the problem!

We lazed around the house and garden and walked around with baby, nothing too interesting, but I got a few pretty photos from that weekend.

Love the way my sister rolled up her accordion style Hermes scarf.  It's such a fun bold color.  I have the same style scarf but in a gold and black, which I feel does not stand out enough against my hair color.  I might have to borrow hers, ha!

Wearing my YSL fuchsia lipstick (linked in the post below).  Like I said before, I just find myself wearing a lot of bold lipstick colors lately, since post baby life makes getting all spiffed up a little harder.

We enjoyed laying out in the grass with the babe.  We forget that he is only two months old because of how much hair he has.  It makes him seem so much older.  The first few times I noticed it sticking straight up, I tried brushing it down.  Now, I have given up on that and realized that it is his awesome hair and I don't want to make it do anything it does not want to do.  

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