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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Art of Berry Picking

Having an abundance of berries is probably my favorite part of summer. Well, my second favorite part. The first being that we have all the berry bushes and plants right here in our yard.  

Our raspberry bushes were glowing with little red treats and I figured it would be best to take advantage of those delicious little things. So I decided to make raspberry muffins and what a great idea that was.

My grandfather always told us, when picking berries, to only pick the juicy ripe ones. And while that only makes sense, I love the pick a ruby red ripe one, drop it in my bowl and then grab a not so ripe one and drop it in my mouth. I like the tanginess and possibly the thrill of not doing what I was told (the tanginess reminds me of being a silly kid). 

But by far, my favorite part of berry picking, is that moment when you spot a glowing bulb nestled behind leaves, hiding from you.  In that moment, no matter how far that berry is out of your reach, you will throw yourself into the throngs of bushes to get at it.  You will brave the buzzing bees, dangling spiders and unexpectedly thorny raspberry branches (they seem like too lovely of a plant to have thorns), just to get that little nugget of juicy goodness.

And when you've finally filled your bowl, you run and hide in an attempt to dodge the sticky fingers trying to get your precious berries.

Happy Weekend!

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