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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Endorsements for Endorphins

Today was one of those extremely productive days you only have in dreams.  One of those days where you accomplish so much and a cherry on top, but you never leave the house.  How does that work?  Easy.  It's called cleaning every room in the house, folding skyscraper high piles of laundry, hanging three loads worth of fresh smelling, awesomely clean clothes *swoon* on the line in the warm sunshine, making dinner, hanging out with a fat little cherub and vacuuming until your arms feel like a bodybuilder's after a long workout (slight exaggeration, duh).

I blame this random but oh so appreciated surge of energy on day #1 of my Wednesday mornings buff mom's class.  Probably the best thing that every happened to my life.  Endorphins for life!

Enjoy my random photographs.  I like them.

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