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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thoughts on The Seasons

I'm not one of those people that sits depressively looking out the window on a rainy day.  I generally see all things weather related in a very pure way.  We need the rain for nutrition and the sun for growth.

Each season rolls around, and I find myself excited and eager as it starts, and a little bored of the relationship as it ends.  It generally works out quite well for me.  

As that crispy fall smell sets in, I'm already craving pumpkin bread and warm sweaters, by late February, I'm generally bikini shopping.

But summertime, is that friend that comes and brings presents and shares so many happy times with you that you want to lay on the floor and cry as they depart.  Slight dramatization, but truly.  I never thought I'd feel this dramatically about summertime and sunshine, considering I grew up in a place with no lack of it.  If it was daytime, the sun was blasting it's rays.  But now, with a little more contrast, I feel like I can appreciate it.  

That brings me to my small rant.  

Here in Seattle, people have been conditioned to complain about the weather.  I may be overly understanding (weather wise), but some people here just cannot find a positive thing to say, ever.

The other day, I was shopping and overheard a conversation:

Woman behind the counter (WBC): "It is just HOT in here!"
Customer: "Oh I think it feels just right"
WBC: "Well that's because you just came in from out there"
Customer: "The weather has been great hasn't it?!"
WBC: "IT'S SO HOT.  It's either raining or HOT." 

My reaction: SHUT UP LADY!  Ok maybe not quite, but I wish. I did mentally give "customer" credit for her positive spirit though.

Mind you, it was about 75 degrees out.  A gorgeous day.  Maybe not on the asphalt of that particular strip mall.  I'll admit it got a bit hot walking to and from the car, but I was appreciative.

My point, just be happy and smile.  It makes any season seem perfect.

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