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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend we enjoyed another fun little trip up to the city.  This time we did some walking in a new direction (finding all the colorful walls), towards the Space Needle.

I've never really touristed it in that direction.  Believe it or not, I've never really been in or around the Space Needle (I've gone to a few spots around it a couple times) in all my time living here and coming every summer of my childhood (gasp, I know).

Anyways, all that changed (except the going up into the needle bit) last Saturday.  It was also Bastille Day, so there was a fun French festival going on in the area as well.  They had some super cute French cars on display.  I especially loved this little white one.  I don't remember what brand car it was, but it sure would suit me.

We walked around the EMP and the new Chihuli museum (don't get me started on what a hypocrite I think he is for taking that little project to Seattle rather than Tacoma, his home town).  Aside from that little gripe, I thought it was beautiful.

The weather was great for all the walking and Jude got to watch all the crazy kids run around a huge and pretty awesome fountain that spurted water in synchronization with music.

As we were leaving the city, we decided to grab some burgers and shakes at Dick's.  Probably the best decision of the entire day.

I really love our little family weekend adventures and cannot wait for baby to be older so he can enjoy them even more.

Also, I loved these neat city posters that were in a cupcake shop downtown.  I'm very upset that I don't recall the name of the site where you can get them.  If anyone knows, do share please!

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