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Friday, August 3, 2012

College Friends

I was sitting here, staring at the screen, thinking about what I should write when it dawned on me. Last December, while at my dear friend's bridesmaid brunch, her soon to be grandmother-in-law said to us something on the lines of, "Don't forget your first college friendships, they are the best ones you will ever have."  And of course, I loved that! 

Life has gone in so many different directions for us, we don't even live in the same place, but those friendships I made in the first few years of college have been the ones that hold strong. 

Some of my very best friends were made at Randolph-Macon Woman's College. These women are the strongest, most beautiful, independent and unique group of women I've ever known.

So this post is for those ladies. The ones that meet me in New York for a weekend of shopping and eating, the ones that lay in the middle of empty roadways late at night starring at the stars with me, and the ones I can appreciate a good "haram" burger with.

You girls are the best!

Happy Friday

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