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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Friends & Travel

I get really excited when friends come to visit. Why? Well, because I love to plan and clean. I know I sound like a loon, but it is the honest to goodness truth.

The second most exciting thing, that involves a whole lot of planning: traveling. It involves great deals of planning, cleaning, organizing, and OCD'ing away.

Oh, and to help set the tone, here's us being excited...

I love to pack. I can say I know the "art" of packing. My dad taught me that art, and I have mastered it. I can pack months worth of clothes in a small, rolly, carry-on bag. Not to brag or anything. As much as I try to tell people, "Oh, it's because I'm really small, so my clothes don't take up much space," that is only one quarter true. It helps to have small clothes, but it helps even more to have mad packing skills.

I'll share a post on packing, when I get to that. I promise it will involve pictures. And this year, I am very thrilled to be packing for a third member of the family (yes I pack my husbands bag, and I think he secretly loves it).  And by "secretly loves it" I mean he thinks I'm a weirdo.

So back to the friends bit. I have been very MIA this week because I have been busy bee'ing around the house trying to get it all spiffed up for my lady friends to arrive tomorrow and Friday. One is visiting from San Francisco, the other DC. 

We plan on touring Seattle on Friday, and lazing around enjoying tons of food the rest of the time.

Another thing I am completely excited about that is absolutely unrelated to this post: losing baby weight! Here are two very cheeky images of me flaunting (and only slightly stuffing myself into) pre-pregnancy attire. Yay to all that!

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