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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nap Time

This week I decided to be more strict with nap time. Before, I just waited until baby seemed sleepy and irritable and then nursed him to sleep, and quietly plopped him into his crib. That was a pretty big deal, since before that I would lay him wherever he fell asleep, for fear that he would wake up.

I am new at this mom stuff, to say the least.

Back to this week and the great steps we have made in the right direction.

I was never able to let him cry in his crib before, it tortured me, because it seemed to torture him. Then I read somewhere, that as long as the baby is changed and fed, and his/her needs met then crying and learning to self soothe is perfectly alright. And I agreed with that philosophy, but could never understand how to get myself to do it.

This week was the start. After getting a good idea of his sleeping pattern, I decided that, rather than wait for him to fuss and fume as an indicator of nap time, I would change his diaper and feed him then put him in his bed at that time.

The first day he did not cry in the least bit at his morning nap, in fact he just fell right to sleep on his own. That made me hopeful. By the mid-afternoon nap, he cried pretty intensely and I tried to distract myself by washing dishes. The crying got less and less with each nap time.

So far I have stuck with it for three days and am seeing a positive outcome. He naps for slightly longer, I am less sensitive to his cries, but his cries have decreased significantly.

I feel like this is a good lesson for the two of us. He is slowly learning that sleep-time is a good time, and his crib is a fun little space to not hate. I on the other hand am learning that as long as my little guy is taken care of, self soothing is necessary to learn.

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