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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Scattered Thoughts that are My Life

Mondays are always a difficult day for me here. I get pretty busy cleaning up the hell that the weekend created and I just stare blankly at the screen, with nothing at all to say.

So why not just talk about nothing? Ha! And that I shall do.

Right now, I'm thinking about getting a trim of some sort. No, I am not going short again, that I will probably never do again, after the torture it was growing it out (in the least convenient of pregnancy heffing out times). 

I just want to freshen it up a bit. I find hair to be boring, considering I don't, never have, and never in the near future will color my hair. I'm thinking a side swept bang of some sort, since I really am not ready for a full bang commitment. The issue with all that jazz is, the side swept bang is more or less a thing of the serious past. As I write each word, I convince myself more and more to forget that I ever thought that was a possibility. Wow, now I feel like this rant is completely and entirely pointless (even more than I did while typing it all up).

It's funny how when writing something out, you basically come to realize what your inner feelings really are. I honestly just want to have long, nondescript hippie hair that I can braid in a million different ways. 

Truth be told, by the time my hair gets that long, the intricate braiding trend will be completely out and I'll be walking around looking like a serious nerd/milkmaid while the hoards judge me viciously. Story of my life.

Here are some pretty pictures for your enjoyment:

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